Thursday, 16 June 2011

Meaning in the Melody

I could cry at how beautiful some music is, simply indescribable. It always fills me with a strong sensation, one of power and raw connection. In fact, It's one of my best forms of meditation. When I find a song that speaks to me, it's like I become possessed. It literally surges through my body like I've been injected with some form of heroine, only a happy heroine; not the kind that leaves you toothless but leaves you entranced. As if, the melody was always searching for me and not the other way around. I consider these songs gifts. Gifts that are meant to be shared and opened. Haven't you always wondered why some songs appeal to you more than others? There is a message there. Its not always in the lyrics but in the feeling the song gives you. This is what I call listening without listening. Its when your spirit is listening and all the other noise that gets in the way is put on mute. Embrace these moments. Because when your spirit listens, life becomes easy, direction becomes clear and happiness becomes obvious.
Today, I was inspired by Eddie Vedder's song, 'The Long Road.' It impacted my mood so intensely that I actually had to sprawl on to the floor and let the song seduce me. It flushed my face with gratitude and created a light in me that only ever appears when I'm close to God. It was EXACTLY what I needed.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A Dare to Grow

A Dare to Grow
This is Ivy. I know, original name right? She is my longest living plant to date. I’ve had her for over a year. You would think she would be fuller, longer and greener but the truth is, I neglect her. In fact, this is about Ivy’s sixth life. Every few months, I stop paying attention to her, she shrivels and just as death is about to take her; I come to the rescue with water, light and love! This is our relationship, a constant death and rebirth. I used to think I was just a plant killer but I’ve come to realize that Ivy’s life very much parallels my own. My plants reflect my spirit and we are usually on par when it comes to the stuff that sustains us. I neglect her the way I neglect myself.
Self love should be an easy task, just like watering our plants but more often than not we let ourselves decline. We start to slope, droop, dry up. In fact, when I see poor old Ivy sitting in the corner looking sad, I instantly reassess my own vitality. Where am I emotionally, spiritually, physically? Have I been nurturing myself with light and love? The answer is usually a resounding no and thus the challenge of reincarnation begins again. I become determined to bring Ivy back to life and within a few weeks her leaves start to grow back with all the lush greenness they had before. It’s truly an inspiration to watch. It always reminds me that life is strong and with just a little love and attention, we can all be born again.
- Namaste