Saturday, 4 August 2012

Simply Beard-i-ful

I would like to take this opportunity to deviate from my usual path to write a little piece called, Angela’s Ode to Beards. I love beards. I think they’re beardiful.

If a man hits on me and he has a beard, he’s already taken the lead over any other beardless beauty. In fact, the more you look like a homeless man, a lumber jack or Jesus; I seem to find you irresistibly attractive.

Now fellas, before you get all grizzly, I should note that I am one of the rare few who finds beards sexy. Most women I’ve met either describe them as ‘dirty,’ ‘scratchy,’ or ‘scruffy.’ So, it’s not for everyone. But, let me just say, I think beards are great. They are masculine and fury and fun to pet. In fact, men with beards remind me of big cats and c’mon, who doesn’t love a kitty?

So, for all you bearded men out there, I approve. I love TBM (the bearded man) and I will never come at you with a razor.

Please note however, a mustache is a whole other story.