Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Keeping It Lit

The other day a friend told me I looked happy...

Friend: 'Well, you look happier.'
My response: 'Do I??!!!' (Insert Angela looking perplexed)

I could hear the surprise in my own voice. Me?! Happy?! As if being happy was completely absurd. I'm not happy, I'm in pain. Yes, paaaaaain. Look at me, give me a 'P'...give me an 'A'....give me a...

Wait. He's a mirror.

The truth is, the people around us are constantly reflecting our light. Even during dark times. We often forget how to see ourselves when hurt which is why those around us become our eyes. They offer perspective, reflection and mostly, hope.

If others can see your happiness, even when it feels buried, it means it still exists. You're shining through.

So take a moment to light someone's candle. Be a mirror. Because mirrors create light and light creates truth. 


Monday, 10 September 2012

Silent Saturdays

The thing about silence is it creates noise. Lots of noise! The kind of noise that is not heard everyday amongst the din of life or the chatter of minds; but the kind of noise that is quiet. It's the noise of spirit.


In fact, it's in the silence we truly hear what is being said. Now that is ironic...

I have found, as I explore my spiritual side, that an increase in solitude is necessary. Absolutely, it's a requirement. The truth is, we become buried in the loudness of others. In the demands of who we are suppose to be rather than who we are. We talk and talk and talk. But when, do we listen? 

I almost always ignore myself. I ignore my needs. I ignore my pain. And mostly, I ignore the person inside of me wanting to talk. I ignore my spirit, my higher self. The person with ALL the answers! It's hilariously backwards. We go out when we should go in. We're actually all magic 8 balls waiting to be shook! 

And so, I now use my Saturdays to check out. Basically, I check out to check in. Sounds simple doesn't it? Not really. At first I had to give myself permission to use my day how I saw fit without feeling guilty. When the phone would ring, 'I felt' I should answer it. When someone asked me to go out, 'I felt' I should go. Creating separation from the outside world is tricky. Don't be mistaken. 

But please, shed the complex. Shed the guilt. Shed the lie that time with you is wrong. Have a silent Saturday. Because not talking, is actually speaking. Shhhhhhhh.