Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Keeping It Lit

The other day a friend told me I looked happy...

Friend: 'Well, you look happier.'
My response: 'Do I??!!!' (Insert Angela looking perplexed)

I could hear the surprise in my own voice. Me?! Happy?! As if being happy was completely absurd. I'm not happy, I'm in pain. Yes, paaaaaain. Look at me, give me a 'P'...give me an 'A'....give me a...

Wait. He's a mirror.

The truth is, the people around us are constantly reflecting our light. Even during dark times. We often forget how to see ourselves when hurt which is why those around us become our eyes. They offer perspective, reflection and mostly, hope.

If others can see your happiness, even when it feels buried, it means it still exists. You're shining through.

So take a moment to light someone's candle. Be a mirror. Because mirrors create light and light creates truth. 


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