Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Stopping to Smell the Roses

I'm a nature buff. I've always been. Not in the camping, sleeps on the ground kind of way but in the way that makes me appreciate nature's magnificent intricacies. I tend to fall in love with every leaf; every flower blossom, every blade of grass. Now before I start getting cracks about being a tree loving hippy, I need to explain my devotion to the natural world. There is such truth in it!  In fact, there are not too many problems out there that can't be solved by smelling a flower. Ok, ok, that may be a little untrue when suffering is great BUT the principle of the moment is true; the small act of taking the time to pause and sniff IS a moment of clarity.
I came to this realization the other day when I found myself walking through campus. I was carrying a bag of sorrow (metaphorically speaking) which distracted me immensely. The button on my pain channel was stuck and no other outside stimuli would penetrate EXCEPT one. I was distracted by one thing. Rose bushes.
You see, I always have to walk by these beautiful pink and yellow rose bushes to get to my car. They are lush and gorgeous and the fragrance that emanates off them is quite hypnotic. I wanted to ignore them. I wanted to bathe in my pain and self indulgent sadness but they drew me in. I couldn't help myself. I HAD to stop, touch and smell. Where am I going with this you wonder (or not wonder) is this, I had a moment; a small, quiet, painless moment. I couldn't believe it! For a whole minute, I was NOT thinking about pain - I was thinking about joy! I was thinking about beauty and texture and life, all because, I stopped and smelled the roses.
With that being said, I think it's important to just stop, touch and smell once in a while. Not to be confused with stop, drop and roll which also can be fun when it's in the grass, not when you're on fire - obviously. But my point is that even if it's brief and seems silly, stopping to smell the roses can make all the difference between what your heart feels and your mind rejects. It can provide solace in times of strife and surprisingly creates small, quiet moments of happiness. Little natural ninja assassins as I like to call them. So let yourself BE a part of nature. Indulge in it; even if you want to be sad and miserable, take a moment. It may actually help with the healing process.
- Namaste

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